Experts believe that viruses such as COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for up to 12 HOURS. 
Door Handles pose a major risk of contamination. 

We aim to fix that.

Touchless Door Openers


DoorMate is a device that is installed on door handle to allow exit (or entry) without cross-contamination or transfer of germs.

Door handles are among the most germ-infested objects in houses, businesses, hospitals, and factories and these germs can easily enter your body if you touch your face after opening or closing doors with your hands.

DoorMate helps eliminate* this risk by allowing users to open any door using their forearm or elbow as well as having an anti-microbial coating which is able to kill 99%* of viruses and bacteria.

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Why is Hands-Free Better?

In a recent study done looking at Door Handle Bacteria in Public places it was found that 86.7% of handles carry potentially harmful bacteria.

A further study found that a single infected door-handle from an employee or visitor had the ability to spread through-out 60%+ of a given facility within 2-hours.

DoorMate reduces the risk of contaminated two important ways:

DoorMate allows DoorHandles in facilities by allowing visitors, and employees to open doors using their FOREARM or ELBOW; areas which rarely come into contact with other surfaces, and key infection sites such as you nose, mouth, eyes, and ears.

DoorMate also contains a powerful ANTI-MICROBIAL layer which is able to eliminate most bacteria on the surface within minutes, preventing contamination before it can occur

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Touch Free Door Opener

DoorMate is used all over the world to help prevent contamination and infection in Hospitals, Offices, and Homes. 
For a limited time we are offering FREE-SHIPPING on all orders of 2 or MORE DOORMATES. 

Contactless Antimicrobial Door Opener

DoorMate Specifications

7.4″ Tall x 2.5″ Wide x 4.5″ Deep 1.5 lbs

Single: 10 x 4-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ 1.8 lbs.
2-Pack: 10 x 4-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ 3.3 lbs.
4-Pack: 10 x 5-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ 6.1 lbs.

How to install the DoorMate USA?

DoorMate USA makes it possible to open and close doors using forearms or elbows, removing the need for direct contact with door handles. This easy-to-use opener does not require drilling holes or replacing any parts of a door’s handle. 

Set-Up is SIMPLE & FAST with installation done in as little as 3 Minutes.

Watch our INSTALLATION VIDEO to learn more!

Open Door With Arm
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